Ramadan Energy box

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  • 🌿 100% natural honey harvested in Tunisia
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Celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan with our exclusive Ramadan Energy Box, carefully crafted to accompany you throughout this sacred month. The box includes three exceptional jars, each contributing to your physical and spiritual well-being.

1st Jar: 100% Natural Fertility Recipe

Discover an authentic fertility recipe specially crafted for men. Our natural formula combines the benefits of:

  • Natural honey
  • Royal jelly
  • Palm pollen
  • Ginseng

Very effective for increasing virility in Men, it helps resist weakness and impotence and will improve capacity and stamina
🔥 A proven recipe with guaranteed results

2nd Jar: Pollen Seeds

During the fasting hours of Ramadan, delve into our second jar of Pollen Seeds. These seeds are carefully chosen to bring you benefits such as:

  • Providing sustained energy
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Promoting healthy digestion

Follow the detailed usage instructions to maximize the benefits of these precious ingredients during Ramadan.

3rd Jar: Propolis Powder

Our third jar contains Propolis Powder, offering antioxidant properties and boosting the immune system. Incorporate this powder into your daily routine for optimal well-being during Ramadan.

Gift Wooden Spoon:

To enhance your experience with Seeder Royale Honey and preserve its benefits, we offer an artisanal wooden spoon. This spoon will help you savor the honey while adding an authentic touch to your experience.

The Ideal Gift for Ramadan:

Gift this exceptional Ramadan Box to your loved ones as a meaningful present for the sacred month. Bring vitality, health, and spirituality to those you care about.

Usage Instructions for Ramadan:

During fasting, focus on each jar for an optimal experience:

  1. Fertility Recipe: Take a teaspoon every morning before the start of fasting to support your vitality throughout the day.

  2. Pollen Seeds: Consume a handful during the breaking of the fast (Iftar) to replenish your energy and boost your immune system.

  3. Propolis Powder: Before bedtime, mix a small amount with your favorite beverage to promote healthy digestion overnight.

Delivery in 5 Days with DHL to the United States:

Order now and receive your Ramadan Box within 5 days with our fast DHL delivery service. Celebrate Ramadan with quality products delivered directly to your door.


  • 1st Jar - 450g 
  • 2nd Jar - 100g
  • 3rd Jar - 25G

$120.00 $140.00
You save $20.00 (14 %)